Hi! I’m Liz! Thanks for stopping by. 

I fell in love with photography ever since I laid my hands on my first camera: a (now) old-school Canon point-and-shoot. At first I shot anything and everything. Later, I discovered enjoyment in capturing moments of calm, reflection, and quietude. The mantra behind my photography has always been to seek the light, shadows, whimsy, simplicity, and happiness found in everyday life. Our lives are so busy these days, and so my work has aways been a reminder of what I really value and hope to keep in my life – those moments. Ultimately that’s what keeps me grounded and motivated to do the work that I do.

Life moves at a million miles an hour. When life becomes a big blur, it’s easy to miss the story. Photography helps me take a moment, and notice what is happening. I never used to see life as a series of stories, but photography enables me to create narrative and engage in a different way of storytelling.

Thanks for following along in my journey. Feel free to keep in touch with me at helloeawang@gmail.com or through my contact form.  

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